December 23, 2013

Missing In Action


In case you have been wondering why, the shortest version of the story is - We are moving. Not up the road; not elsewhere in our Province (which is similar to a State), but rather right across the country, to a place I visited last for a short holiday in 1991... hehe... that's nervous laughter. 

My husband moved up eight months back and I have been single parenting (sort-of) for all this time, with him commuting home about once a month. We are finally, thankfully, all together again as a family and moving to our new home in January. So I am afraid it will continue to be rather quiet here on the blog for a little while longer. 

I want to wish all of you a very BLESSED and PEACEFUL Christmas. I really appreciate you reading and following Love and Lollipops. I hope to be back blogging, playing, creating and sharing with you in the New Year.

Be safe till then, 

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