February 28, 2012

Dear Email Subscribers

To my very valued email subscribers,

Making the decision to change my blog address means in practice that you will no longer receive updates from Love and Lollipops, unless you re-subscribe to my new feed. 

You will see the "SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL" box to the right of your screen. I hope that you will rejoin me and subscribe again. I would be sad to lose you!! 

Remember that after filling in your email address in the box, Feedburner will send you a confirmation email. When you receive that mail, be sure to activate the link by clicking on it. It will then immediately confirm that you are subscribed. If you do not activate the link via that email, you will not be subscribed.

Thank you kindly in advance!

PS. Don't you love the bottle tops? I have lots of great teaching ideas with bottle tops coming up soon.

February 27, 2012

Change of {Blog} Address

When I started blogging, just short of two years ago, I really didn't know much about website addresses, custom domains, search engine optimization and the like. So at the time, I simply chose a blog name (Love and Lollipops), added an address (allthingschildren.blogspot.com) and then proceeded to "watermark" my pictures with "Georgie Girl Photography". Confusing, right?

I won't go into the reasons behind those decisions, but today I would like to share the changes I've made. That is, I have changed my blog address to love-and-lollipops.blogspot.com and my photographs will also reflect my blog name from now on.

I hope that this doesn't inconvenience you all too much - if you happen to type in my old address, you will still find me, I promise. To those of you who have kindly linked to my blog or to a specific project at Love and Lollipops, I must apologise, as the link will no longer work. If there is a specific post you are looking for and you cannot find it, please contact me at gsetzer(at)telkomsa(dot)net and I will send it to you.

While I was at it, I changed my name at Pinterest too. You can find me here.

Thank you as always for reading, commenting and for your kind emails. I hope I will keep you reading and inspired!

Georgia :)

February 19, 2012

Mommy Made Gogo's/Marble Run Game

I've seen a variety of marble runs around the net - today I'm sharing our version.  

Instead of marbles, Big One suggested that we use Gogo's Crazy Bones - do you know them? - we have a small collection of these.

The game works like this. Each player picks five Gogo's (or marbles).   If a Gogo makes it through all the tubes and lands in the box, it scores full marks (6 points). If it doesn't land in the box, it is disqualified. If it lands in the box, but it misses a few tubes along the way (it happens), simply minus the number of tubes it missed off the total score of 6. Keep tally and the winner is the one with the most points at the end.

The little yellow Gogo (can you spot him?) was unfortunately disqualified for missing the box :(.

To make this, all you need are some different size cardboard tubes and sticky tape. Easy Peasy. 

Have fun!

PS. For a super alternative version, check out this one from Deborah at Teach Preschool

PPS. Sharing this at Show and Tell @ ABC and 123

February 15, 2012

You are the Apple of my eye {Cards}

Keep me as the apple of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings
Psalm 17:8

Bottle top apple of my eye cards - our Valentine's cards this year.

PS. Click here for more bottle top crafts.

PPS. Linking this to:
Show and Tell @ ABC and 123 

February 13, 2012

Silly Valentines

Oh I can be silly - it's one of those things I like about myself - I think my children like it too. 

So I had great fun and giggles thinking up silly Valentines. The kiddos joined me. Big One with his own ideas (as always) and Little One enjoyed punching out little hearts... everywhere... he loves my punches.

Big One's... 

My Inspiration:  

A delightful book by Michael Hall - twenty animals all made from heart shapes. And the best part, twenty different emotions and behaviours for you to chat about with your child. It's a super book that can easily be used in play therapy too. Do click on the link above and grab the kids for a super little trailer of the book. Really cute.

My dear friend Katherine inspires me so and makes me look at every piece of pretty or interesting paper in a new fun visually creative light. If you do go visit over there, I know I've probably lost you for now, but that's okay - I won't blame you. :)

Happy Valentine's day!

February 2, 2012

The Heart Project

(Due to some unforeseen internet trouble, this post is a day late - my apologies.)

I'm very excited to be sharing some super news today!

Behind the scenes and in an effort to raise funds for the American Heart Association, I have had the privilege of being part of a wonderful collaborative project hosted by Jamie from hands on: as we grow. More than 70 fellow bloggers have contributed over 100 gorgeous heart-shaped crafts to a book called The Heart Project. This book is filled with beautiful photographs of the crafts and all the bloggers links are available, so that you can read the "how-to" if you would like to recreate the project.

The inspiration behind this great effort is a little girl called Ellie, and you can read more about her here

The e-book is a gift to you, for a very small donation of $5 to the American Heart Association (that's less than R40 for my South African readers) . A printed copy (which I'm really excited about) will also be available for $20 and $5 of that will go to the Association. Both versions of the book will only be available during the month of February, so hurry if you want a copy :)!

And if you need some more encouragement,  Craftprojectideas.com is contributing $1 for every e-book sold this month. That means in addition to your $5 donation Craftprojectideas will donate another $1 on your behalf (up to $500).

To add to the fun, many of the participating bloggers are also having giveaways linked to the book and there will even be an opportunity to win a printed copy of it. To see all the giveaway action, head on over to hands on: as we grow. Jamie has set out all the details for you very nicely. 

And just to wet your appetite, I have included a few preview pages here.

My projects shared in the book are speckled origami hearts, made last year, and some heart finger puppets, which I shared in my last post.

So don't hesitate - it's a great cause. To purchase the e-book, click on the first button and to purchase the printed version, click on the second. 

Add to Cart

US $20.00
Order the Printed Version

Till next time.
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