December 4, 2012

Christmas Treasure Hunt

Usually in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I have a few small surprises for the children. Last year one of them was a Christmas Treasure Hunt to look for some small gifts in the garden. I ran out of time to write about it, so I thought to share it with you this year.

I found these wonderful Christmas cones over at Mr Printables and used them to create a fun and fairly simple treasure hunt. Little One was only three and a bit at the time, so it had to be easy to follow. The kiddos loved it.

First up was a boy cone, who had a note saying:
Find a tree
Find a tree
Hee hee hee

Next up, a Christmas tree, with a note saying:
Where can Rudolf be?

Rudolf has a note too:
The Easter Bunny is here!
Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear

I decided to call the snow bunny, the Easter bunny, to get a few smiles. His note said:
I love Christmas, 
I can't help myself.
Such yummy treats.
Now can you find an elf? 

The elf's note says:
Santa's got a surprise for you!
Just find him. 
That's all you need to do.

Santa has the gifts and a note saying:
Ho Ho Ho
Way to go! 

This was so easy to put together. If you click on the Mr Printable's link above, it takes you to the post where you can download and print out these cuties. Simply cut them out and stick them together. If you don't know the Mr Printables website, well then, consider this information a small Christmas gift from me to you ;). It is a wonderful site, full of incredible freebies to print out. Have fun!

What Christmas surprises do you get up to during the festive season?


Maro Oikonomou said...

Thanks for sharing the site with us! The printable a are great! The activity you planned is awesome!

Maro Oikonomou said...

Your treasure hunt is great! Thanks for telling us the site I didn;t know it!

Km said...

You know I ADORE this!!!!! The little poems are just priceless! Such a fantastically fun idea. I was going to wrap little gifts for a treasure hunt but now I want to do this! Xoxxoxoxo

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