July 28, 2011

Little Red Barn

I really love a traditional, all American, big red barn! Even though we don't have red barns as part of our South African landscape, Little One easily recognizes this as part of a traditional farm setting and I have always wanted to add one to our box of animals. Charlotte's Web was also one of the first full-length movies that he ever watched and he has always loved it .

Store bought barns are hard to come by and when you do find nice, good quality ones,  they are usually really pricey. Aaah, but then I remembered my favourite I-can't-throw-away box...the Lipton tea box!! 

To make the barn, I glued the lid closed, cut out the entrance, and stuck a row of craft sticks to the front and back of the box. The main reason for adding the sticks to the back was to make it a bit stronger and it definitely did! The rest of the sticks were cut to size, glued on, and I then added a coat of red paint and the final white touches. Some of the Lipton labeling shows through on the sides - my cousin (who lives in the States and has been here on holiday) said that it adds to the authenticity, as a lot of barns have old advertising on them :). COOL!

Once the barn was done, I created the little farm scene, along the lines of the movie, hoping it would grab Little One's attention. Did you notice Templeton the Rat on the roof? Wondering where Charlotte is? In the barn of course ;).

Although Little One loves the barn itself, the sensory box wasn't a big hit with him. I have come to realize that my great ideas aren't always received with the enthusiasm I'm expecting. I've been thinking of creating a felt farm scene instead...I'll share it with you as soon as it's done.

To view some beautiful photos of traditional red barns, visit here.
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Joyfulmama said...

Georgia, this is GORGEOUS!!! Well done!! I spent two years in Michigan a few years ago and I never got tired of driving in the country and seeing those beautiful, beautiful red barns - such an American icon! This is definitely one of my favourite of your craft projects, thanks for sharing. Lots of love and enjoy the visit with your cousin! Xxx G

Mercedes said...

oooh! I am in like! What fun! Thanks for sharing!

Carina said...

Such a clever idea! Love it and I can just imagine how your little one would love playing with it!

Carina x

Km said...

I love love barns too!!! This one is so precious. SO CREATIVE!!! We have a doll house handmade barn that I sooooo wish your boys could enjoy. It is HUGE! Barns are all over indiana... So when you come and visit you'll get your fix.... I wish!!! Hehehe... :) :)

AutumnVine said...

Georgia, don't dispair. Just leave the barn somewhere, the little ones might still play with it. And maybe when he plays with a farm, play with him, and add the barn as your place. Soon he might play with it.


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness...That red barn is spectacular!! I saw Templeton on the roof at first glance and absolutely love it! It is really a remarkable sensory bin even though your child doesn't enjoy it as much as you'd wish. You have some great talent!

Unknown said...

I really like this project and I am doing this as a final assignment.
What are the steps to actually do it?

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