July 13, 2011


The basic recipe:
2 cups of corn flour
1 cup of water

You can vary this recipe slightly to get a thicker or thinner version.

This is great fun and of course a fantastic sensory experience - I couldn't help but play too!

I really love how Little One spontaneously decided to stand in it...this is in contrast to my older son, who does not like the texture and won't play with it at all.

Do you know that some children are sensitive to touching certain textures and that it may be part of a tactile dysfunction. This, in turn, is one type of sensory processing disorder
To read more, the Out-of-Sync child is a great website with some fantastic articles on the subject.

Can you recommend any other great books or links about this subject? If you can, please leave a comment in the box below, so that other readers can find these resources. :)


Isil Simsek said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog :)Gloop is always great fun,isn't it?

Km said...

We love gloop too!! Even my teen thinks it is cool. He wanted to fill an entire kiddie pool with it for a quick sand effect!

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

Horror of Horrors - I have yet to try gloop w/my girls :(

I know they would LOVE it & I keep seeing it everywhere - I seriously have to just give in & do it! :)

Your lil guy looks like he enjoyed it - love how he explored it w/his feet too! :)

Want to invite you to link up and share your idea on my weekly child centered linky party - The Sunday Showcase.

You can link up here - http://momto2poshlildivas.blogspot.com/2011/07/sunday-showcase-kid-friendly-linky.html

Hope to see you there - we have lots of great ideas being shared every week!


Pam from Over the Big Moon said...

Loved this idea! I included it in a round-up today on Over the Big Moon! Check it out: http://overthebigmoon.blogspot.com/2011/10/pams-fall-and-halloween-decor.html


Pam from www.overthebigmoon.com

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