July 22, 2011

Fun with Oranges

Who knew that some oranges could be so much fun?

Oranges for cheeks?

Oranges for ears.

Happy oranges...

Juggling oranges!

Cute oranges...

Moody oranges!

Counting oranges...

 In winter, in Cape Town, bags of oranges colour the street corners...it always makes me happy.

Thank you oranges...for these oh so happy pictures!

PS. Photography inspired by Katherine Marie
To see Katherine's veggie faces, click here
Speech bubble created at Superlame

1 comment:

Km said...

You had me at happy smiles and goggly eyes!!!!! These images are so fantastic. I love how our kids inspire us to take something simple and make it into a celebration. This post will leave me smiling for hours---days!! Xoxxoxoxoxoxo

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