December 29, 2012

Christmas Moments

  Wishing all my readers a truly blessed and beautiful festive season. Isn't Christ's birthday such a special time? It truly is my favourite time of the year - hot weather and all.

Christmas came with a wag and a woof! Surely the highlight of this December was introducing a Jack Russell puppy to our family.

 Don't you love the second little puppy - he's as cute as the real one don't you think?

It's so much fun receiving a parcel in the post, but extra special at Christmas time. A beautifully packaged parcel arrived all the way from Indiana - Thank You so much Katherine! Our friendship is a true testimony to the wonderfulness of blogging :). I also got to taste Peeps for the first time - oooh they are yummy.

I promised to post some more "Teddy on the Shelf" photos on Facebook and I didn't post any - my apologies. To make up for it, I'm sharing some more here with you.

You may recall in the last post that Little One wasn't too fond of our mischievous teddy Nicholas. That changed a bit when he came bearing some gifts.

Sometimes he just sat around.  

Other times he was quite busy being carried around. He even went on a outing with us. He went missing for a few days and we thought that he may have got lost, but, thankfully, he had just found his way into the washing basket :).

Drinking Little One's favourite juice. 

His favourite book "the three bears" ...who would have thought ;).  

Next year I'm sure the children will be very excited when he comes out of the Christmas box - it was so much fun starting this new tradition. 

It also really made me smile to find these. 
Spontaneous Christmassy play. 
Top pic: Big One
Bottom pic: Little One 

When I asked Little One why the blue gift was on top of the tree and not next to it, he told me that "Mr Bean" put it there. Gotta love how they think.

On Christmas Eve we got SPARKLY. One of Little One's favourite things about this Christmas I think.  

And we played with gifts of course. Big One's best gift this year -the Perplexus Maze Puzzle .
He removed the gift wrap and started playing with it while it was still in it's box - Addictive! 

Next post will be the little bit of crafting we got up to. This season always goes by too quickly for me. 

Till next time...

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km said...

Your Christmas Moments photographs are making me smile, grin, and giggle with HAPPINESS and JOY!!!!!! What a wonderful recap of the BEST time of the year! xoxoxoxoxo

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