December 11, 2012

Teddy on the Shelf

Have you heard about or seen the elf on the shelf  ideas all over the web? I saw the little elf for the first time last year and think it's a really sweet idea - having a mysterious little elf arrive in your home and him getting up to all sorts of antics while the children are asleep. And he is really cute.

Anyway, we had an old Santa toy that broke last year - you know, those NOISY, dancing Santa dolls - I'm thinking that maybe it was broken on purpose by the Dad person - hehehe. Well, I couldn't let a good Santa suit be thrown away, so I found myself dressing up one of Little One's teddies in it. That's when the idea of a Teddy on the Shelf came to mind - our cute substitute. 


Our little teddy was named "Nicholas" by Big One and has been getting up to all sorts of mischief. Little One has had me giggling - he has really not been impressed with this teddy. He has told me that he will "kick him out of the house" (harsh words from a four year old!) and I have found Nicholas "locked up" in a cardboard box - apparently this was him in jail. It appears that there are some serious consequences for getting up to mischief in our house :). 

To see lots of elf on the shelf ideas and are a few links:
SheKnows Parenting 

Till next time. 

1 comment:

km said...

I am smiling from ear-to-ear! Teddy on the Shelf is soooooo adorable!!!!! These photographs are just wonderful! maybe Little one would be more excited if Nicholas brought him a some goodies... hehehehe... :):) xoxoxooxx

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