February 28, 2012

Dear Email Subscribers

To my very valued email subscribers,

Making the decision to change my blog address means in practice that you will no longer receive updates from Love and Lollipops, unless you re-subscribe to my new feed. 

You will see the "SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL" box to the right of your screen. I hope that you will rejoin me and subscribe again. I would be sad to lose you!! 

Remember that after filling in your email address in the box, Feedburner will send you a confirmation email. When you receive that mail, be sure to activate the link by clicking on it. It will then immediately confirm that you are subscribed. If you do not activate the link via that email, you will not be subscribed.

Thank you kindly in advance!

PS. Don't you love the bottle tops? I have lots of great teaching ideas with bottle tops coming up soon.


Little People's Products said...

I've resubscribed to your blog and have been successfully notified of your latest post.

I do hope that all your lost email subscribers resubscribe.

Great alphabet bottle tops.

Km said...

I am such a blog dummy... I Never really understood what subscribe meant! Now that i know... I iwll sign up and it will be wonderful to have your posts come to my mailbox.

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