March 24, 2010

Wonderful Websites

Isn't it just wonderful to stumble across a terrific website. It must be one of my favourite things. It was quite a few years ago that I happened to find and it is a website that I have returned to many times over. I recall that I was looking for paper dolls to help my son with cutting skills and was blown away by this find.

The website offers a wonderful selection of paper dolls and outfits. These can be printed in colour or you can print the outlines, so that your little one can colour them in. You can choose outfits from a variety of categories, such as Career friends, Athletic friends and Multi-Cultural friends. There is even a doll in a wheelchair, one with spectacles and one with freckles. The dolls are also available in different ethnic colours, allowing friends to be created from different countries and cultures.

There are so many fun things that one can do with them. The dolls can easily be turned into puppets by sticking them onto popsicle sticks or tongue depressors (available from your local pharmacy). They can be used to make up new stories, have little puppet shows, or  put them on cards and party invites. A nice idea is to glue a photograph of your child's face over the paper doll's face and turn them into a "little friend".

My son loved these dolls and was very motivated to cut out the dolls and clothing. Needless to say his cutting skills are fantastic. With the Easter holidays coming up, these are a great way to keep the kids busy for awhile.

In addition to the dolls, the website also offers wonderful craft ideas, so I hope that you will enjoy visiting them as much as I do. Should you have any other ideas for these sweet little dolls, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.


katherinemarie said...

I've never heard of that website--- SOUNDS like a GREAT place to visit! Your dolls look darling... Thanks for the tip. :):)

Love and Lollipops said...

Hi Katherine

I'm so glad I could share something nice with you!x

Trudie said...

Wanted to email you the other day to find out the address again, great - thanks for sharing! btw your blog looks great!

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