May 23, 2010

Through children's eyes

One of my greatest delights is seeing the world through my children's eyes.

The other afternoon, after all the rain, I noticed that we had some mushrooms growing in our garden. I got all excited, called the children, and soon we were having a mushroom hunt! At one point, Big One pipes up with, " If you're little, it's good for shade." It was one of those moments when I just want to grab him and kiss him and tell him how cute he is. (I usually do!)

Speaking of mushrooms, I read this in Garry Landreth's book, "The Art of the Relationship": "Some children are like mushrooms, they pop forth overnight. Other children are like orchids; they take seven to twelve years to bloom." (Nutt, 1971) Garry, a play therapist, then goes on to say, that the effective play therapist will wait for orchids and be patient with mushrooms. Each child has his/her own unique approach to how life should be lived.  I think this is not only true for play therapists, but for parents too. So be patient, whether you have orchids or mushrooms!

Reference: Landreth, G. (1991). Play Therapy The Art of the Relationship. Bristol, USA: Accelerated Development Inc.


Trudie said...

How cute! Love that photo, turned out beautiful.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

That is adorable!!! Kids really do say the cutest things, don't they? Great photo too! :-)

katherinemarie said...

I'm with you... what delight, joy and BLISS I feel when I see life through my children's eyes. We sure are blessed aren't we? :) I'm really interested to read more from Garry-- sounds fascinating! Keep the book recommendations coming... if you love it, I know I'll love it!!!

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