November 14, 2010

Go get 'em

Where are all the educational toys packed in your home? All those puzzles and games that require you to sit down with your kiddos to play. Up somewhere, out of reach (to avoid little one's mixing up puzzle pieces and ruining nice cards)? I'll admit, that's where ours have always been packed...out of reach of little hands! Many of the boxes are still in great condition and the pieces all there and intact, but I ask myself, have these really been played with? The truth is, these toys have been packed too far away. I have the best of intentions, but somehow they just stay up there, packed away nicely in the top cupboards.

So recently I decided to pack all the age appropriate educational toys at the very bottom of the easy reach for both me and my toddler. I'm really hoping to not go into his room and find all the boxes emptied out onto the floor!:) What I'm hoping for, is that by being more accessible, we will use these toys more often.

One such wonderful educational toy that I want to share with you, is made by a very well-known South African brand, Smile Toys. It's called Quartet and pictured here is the colour matching puzzle. The box also includes shape matching, animal homes and missing parts - all two-piece puzzles. I have been doing the colour matching puzzle with Little One since our recent focus on learning colours and also included these puzzle pieces in our buckets of colour. (In case you are new here, I recently did ten Colour Fun posts. To see all colour posts, click here.)

So if you haven't done it yet, go get those toys down, close at hand and ready to play!


KM said...

We have a place called the "fun table" where we keep all our theme ideas, games and educational acitivties... it's out-of-reach, yet easy to get to! I try to swap out games every couple days to keep them fresh! SMILE TOYS sound fun. I sure like their name. :):):)

Joyfulmama said...

Thanks so much for linking back to me - you are such a great pal! I've made a list of all our educational toys and made a rotation schedule which I stuck on the inside of our toys cupboard. So every morning I can just check what's on today's list and take it down to their play table. That way they don't get tired of it, but I also manage to keep it mostly fairly tidy without sets getting mixed up. Works for us!!

Chels said...

That's what I've done too! The games and puzzles are high up and they (sadly) rarely get played with. Good reminder to play with your kids and not waste a good thing! I got down kid UNO last night and it was fun to see the happiness on my sons as he won 2nd place! ☺

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