January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Big One!!

Oh dear, where has the time gone? Sorry, I am a little behind in posting, but it's been rather busy around here. Tomorrow it's back to school after an AMAZING 6 week Summer break! So much prep seems to go into this big day...sorting uniforms, organizing stationery, attaching name tags to just about everything! And, to add to the busyness, a rather important person also turned 9 this past weekend!

My little boy is 9...where did the time go?

So, how did we spend this special day? Well with Granny in tow, we went off to Ratanga Junction...Cape Town's very own theme park :). There really is something for everybody and I think it's well worth the admission fee.

  That's Dad and Big One right in front! This rollercoaster (Bushwhacker) was definitely the favourite ride of the day. I think Big One did it about 8 times :)

Little One and Granny. Little One didn't want to get off this one!

The Lady Bugs Ferris Wheel.

We all loved the boat ride.

 Having fun on the Rats and Cats bumper cars.

Big One you are our STAR!! You truly have a beautiful way about you...you make us laugh and you astound us with your creativity and interesting perspective on life. Thank you for being such a blessing. We love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

To see and read more about Ratanga, click here.


Joyfulmama said...

Oooo, looks like you had tons of fun! I've never been to Ratanga myself, but that ladybug ferris wheel may just be all the motivation I need! Happy Birthday to Adam, and you are doing a great job raising your boys, my friend.

EMR said...

As I think I mentioned before, I was born in CT, a long time ago.(lol). But every time I see pictures like these, it gives me a pain in my heart that I'm not there. My son took me down on a trip about 2 years ago, and because I hadn't been down for many years, we sort of did the tourist thing. The funniest thing was when we got to Swellendam from Dbn, and I heard the "Cape" accent, I knew I was home. Thanks for re-awaking some fond memories.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your son!

Love and Lollipops said...

Thank you for the wishes!! And EMR, I am so glad that I could take you down memory lane a bit! Sorry that it makes you sad though! :(

Km said...

Sending huge and heartfelt birthday wishes to your amazingly creative guy!!!! Looks like one fun time!! Xoxoxo

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