April 20, 2011

Sock Bunny

Like this bunny?

What about this one?

I saw this idea for a sock bunny at the Disney Family Fun website and I couldn't resist making one. I used grown-up socks (instead of kiddies size) and lentils. The bunny feels quite heavy and floppy. Very different to my sock kitty , which is filled with batting.

I also don't know how they (Family Fun) got their bunnies' ears to stand up so nicely?  They must have some secret photo shoot tips that they are not sharing with us ;). Big One made me feel much better about it, when he told me that he actually prefers the floppy ears (YAY!) and he thinks my bunny is great. I so love hearing things like that!

My little secret photo tip for getting bunnies' ears to stand up straight is...wait for it...lay your bunny on it's back...hee hee. 

I am really enjoying these little sock animal additions to our home. I think I'll keep making them...perhaps a puppy next. Have you ever made a no-sew sock animal? Please share a link in the comments if you have. I would love to come and see.


Km said...

Ohhh your bunnies are beyond adorable!!! I love all your sock creatures and I can't wait to try one. I might be able to handle it if there is limited sewing skills involved!!! HAPPY almost EASTER!!!!

silly eagle books said...

so sweet! I love how soft it looks. :)

Elle Belles Bows said...

It definitely looks like something my E would love to snuggle!


Jaime Leigh said...

Really adorable!

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