March 22, 2012

30 day {Give Away} Challenge

It's AUTUMN over here in the Southern hemisphere. Yippeee!!  Or maybe it's the first few days of SPRING for you? It's also my blog's second birthday this month - I can hardly believe it. In celebration of this special month, I would have loved to have shared 30 days of giveaways with you. Maybe one day, when my blog's all grown-up and famous, I'll have the opportunity to do just that :). But instead this post is not about giveaways - sorry if you're disappointed! - this post is actually about YOU giving stuff away. 

Whether you want to call it Spring cleaning or Autumn cleaning, I want to challenge you to get rid of some clutter and simplify your life a bit. Since last year I've been on quite a mission to clear the clutter and SIMPLIFY my home. I have been doing lots of sorting and decluttering and of course that means lots of giving away. I wish I had counted the items...I might have given away about 100 things so far?...actually I have no idea, that's just a wild guess. But this strong desire to make my life simpler by having less stuff continues daily. I think it makes me function better and if I'm doing that, then I'm a better, more effective, calmer, happier, more patient Mommy! So, that's really the reason why I thought I would ask you to join me. Are you in :)?

Here's the challenge: Could you part with one thing (big or small) every day for the next thirty days? You can give it away on the spot or put it in a box and part with it at the end of the month. That's up to you. Something I've noticed in my clearing-the-clutter process, is that if I revisit a spot that I have recently cleared, there's inevitably something else I'm happy to part with. I think it's just human nature to look at an item and if you're unsure to hold onto it. But, when you revisit it, it's much easier to get rid if it the second time around.

This blog is a great way for me to stay accountable, so this challenge is for me as much as it is for you.  I won't be posting about it regularly. Maybe just one half-way post, but you're welcome to keep in touch with me via email (see my About Me page) if you need some inspiration. Or touch base on my Love and Lollipops Facebook page.

Oh, one last thing. I have been reading these super blogs for inspiration in this area of my life. I thought they may inspire you too. 

Let me know if you're joining me and Happy Clearing the Clutter!

PS. You could even consider getting your kiddos to join you in the challenge. I think I might just ask Big One to give it a go.


Km said...

I love your idea!!! 30 items to donate to someone who could really use them is just a fantastic idea!!! I am really good about donating items, but this will really help put me over the edge and be more meaningful in my selections!!! I like the idea of getting kids involved too. :) :)

Chels said...

I love autumn.......but spring is nice too!
Wonderful idea-- count me in!

Chels said...

Happy Blog Birthday too! ☺
Your blog is more grown-up and definitely friendlier than most of those famous blogs!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful blog you have! I'm so glad you stopped by mine so I could discover yours. I'm in desperate need of some spring cleaning... mostly I need to sort through ALL the closets and drawers! Yes, I'll join the challenge :)

Jen said...

Oh, I am so in! I just started de-cluttering a few days ago. (Filled up many bags and gave to charity)

Good luck with your progress!!!

Oh and I see my blog friend Chels is in, too. Yeah!!


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