May 14, 2012

Bottle Top Art, Pinterest Boards, and a Winner!

Getting tired of all these bottle top posts :)? I hope not, because I just can't help myself. When I see bottle tops...I see possibilities!

Here in South Africa we have many schools with very limited resources and every time I pick up a bottle top, I see all the potential that this little throw away plastic top has :). So to better collect and organise ideas, I have created Bottle Top Teaching and Bottle Top Fun Pinterest Boards. The first board will focus on using bottle tops to teach and the second board will be anything creative one can get up to with a bottle top. I hope you will drop me a line if you have been doing some bottle top activities. I will be right over to check it out :).

So this sweet bit of art (see above) was really easy to make.
All you need is :

bottle tops
two chubby little hands (yes, chubby ones required)
gloopy glue (you know...gloopy white runny glue)
pretty paper sprinkle/confetti

I wish I had a picture of those two chubby hands squee-eezing the glue into the bottle tops, but we did this fun activity at night and the photos came out rather yucky. I can assure you though, that Little One loved this. After all the squeezing, came the sprinkling of the paper confetti. When he was done, I arranged the tops nicely onto a page and stuck them down to make some super easy wall art. Easy and fun!

One last thing before I go...
I have a winner for the makedo giveaway. 
Congratulations Lizanne from Clay Jar People
I'll be in touch shortly to get your postal details.

Thanks also to all of you who took part and left such kind comments. I'll definitely be having some more giveaways, so stay tuned.

Till next time, be good...
Georgia :)


Unknown said...

Not at ALL tired of bottle top posts! I have a big jar next to my sink collecting them because of you and we're making a bottle top game as soon as I've collected enough :)

Km said...

Everytime I save a bottle top I think of YOU and your sweeties! I am amazed at all the artful activities you come up with using these. I wish it wasn't so expensive to send stuff to you... I would send you all of ours. Thanks so much for all your creative and beautiful inspiration.

Unknown said...

Never sick of bottle tops, I love them and I love your ideas. We made some of your bottle top cakes and used them in our little world play. I am posting a link to you in the post I am writing to be published at the end of the week.

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