June 14, 2012

a boy and a box

These aren't new photos.
In fact they are all the way from last year May. 
I don't know why I didn't post them. 

When you have a box, you have possibilities...

Never throw a good box away. At least not until it's had a good play.

Didn't you know? All boxes love to play :)

More great box links:


Unknown said...

Have you read
'not a box'
Meeow and the big box
both great creative with boxes books

km said...

isn't it amazing that our kiddos are inspired and delighted by the simplest things?? they really teach us how to live and breath creativity!! I love your pics! I love that little man! many happy box days to come!!!!

mermaid said...

We love boxes too. As we are in the middle of moving house we will have lots of them!

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