July 21, 2012

Get Well Soon Robots

I recently saw these wonderful CD case robots over at The Art Annex and thought that they would make great Get Well Soon cards for a few family members and friends who have been ill.

The robot holds the card in his (peg) hand and it reads :
 " Here's hoping that all your parts will soon be in perfect working order."

To make these you need some cardboard, pegs for the arms, odds and ends to decorate and a CD case to stick all the parts in. The little parts have to be fairly flat so that the CD case can close properly.

This was the last of our Robot Fun. Onto some new activities from the next post. Take care :)


km said...

clever! adorable! fun! PEREFECT!!! I love em. Getting sick might even be worth it with a get-well card like this! :) I hope grand-dad is feeling better!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Joyfulmama said...

Hahaha, LOVE the message in the card!! So sweet, Georgia!

Unknown said...

Those are adorable, I've loved all your robot fun :)

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