May 8, 2013

How to raise a Genius

Today I'm sharing this (fun) infographic with you.  It nicely summarizes some of the latest and key research in raising "smarter" children.

Of particular interest to me is the way in which we praise our children and how we can often over-focus on vague character traits (such as "you are so nice/smart/creative"), rather than on their specific efforts. To read an extensive article in this regard, go here.

Genius Infographic

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Reading this summary reminds me that I have some work to do in a few departments. And you? What are your thoughts on this information? Does it change the way you are currently thinking about raising smart children? I'd love to hear your opinion.

Great reads that discuss some of this research:
NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children (by Po Bronsan and Ashley Merryman) - I absolutely loved this book, but then again it's right up my Psychologist alley :). There's a whole chapter written on the inverse power of praise, as mentioned above. 

How the Brain Learns (by David Sousa) - I couldn't put this down and I think it should be prescribed material for all educators - seriously. 

Till next time, happy reading. 

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katherine marie said...

This is so fascinating! I really need to incorporate MUSIC!!! There is a really interesting study that is very similar to the cookie one--- it was done in the early 60s (I think) with marshmallows... scientists followed the children into adult hood... kids that waited and showed restraint were, by in large, the adults who became successful. I wonder are we born with impulse control or is it something we can really mold and shape within our children? thank you for sharing this chart! I'm going to check out your links soon. xoxoxoxo!

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