August 13, 2013

Star Wars Birthday Party

We very recently celebrated Little One's 5th birthday! The party was discussed for months ahead of time and I must tell you, turning 5 was a really big deal for my little guy.

When Little One told me that he wanted a Star Wars party, I must be honest, I wasn't too thrilled. For most of the year he had been talking about an army party and I was quite excited and inspired by that theme. But then one day, out of the blue, he changed his mind. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti Star Wars, but somehow this theme just didn't get me very excited. But what's a Momma to do?

So I spent many hours (tooo many hours) searching and pinning Star Wars and lego ideas. Do you follow me on Pinterest? - well then, you may have noticed :). I was looking for inspiration and finally I found it in some of the coolest retro Star Wars posters. (Google "Retro Star Wars Posters Images" and you will see what I mean)

So here are the details: 

I was told that this had to be a "Human Star Wars Party", not a lego one, but I couldn't resist these from Kiki's Craft Corner, and so used them to decorate the party boxes.

For the cupcake toppers, I used some awesome scrapbooking freebies from Laura Kate and combined it with free scrapbooking paper from Free Vintage Digital Stamps.

The banner was made by printing out colouring-in pages and painting them with a sponge roller and craft paint.

The venue was Party Playhouse. I was able to do my own decor for the party room, which suited me well, and I also booked the party on a week day, so that we could possibly be the only party at the time in the venue. As a party venue, I can highly recommend Party Playhouse  - they were very professional and helpful and the party guests all had a blast.

A sherbet stick made to look like a light saber was a small party favour.

I also wanted to share with you the T-Shirt I made. Using a template of Yoda's face, I cut out the face in green felt and glued it to a rectangular piece of black felt. I used my glue gun, so am not sure how many washes it will survive, but Little One loved wearing it on the day.

Shame the birthday boy was quite ill on his party day, but he made it through the day with lots of prayer and Panado.

And last, but certainly not least, the cake was baked by my cake lady, the very talented Marleen. I call her my cake lady, because she has baked so many lovely cakes for me over the years.  If you live close by and want her number, just drop me a line.  

As Yoda would say,  "Great readers you are; Happy you be till next time we meet" - or something like that :).


MyBright Firefly said...

Happy birthday! Great job, Mommy! All the decorations look awesome, and I love the shirt. Sorry, he didn't feel well on the big day :(

katherine marie said...

whoooo hooooo for the five year old! FIVE is a BIG deal. I love and adore each and every detail you made... your retro version is PERFECT and fun and ohhh so adorable! The favor boxes with the light sabars might be my favorite part... love it all! xoxoxoxo!

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