November 29, 2013

Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm {and a craft}


Before November is over and out, I want to share this absolutely awesome family outing we went on a couple of months back. The Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm must be one of the Cape's best kept secrets. 
If you haven't been, you should go :). 

The venue is so pretty - they offer weddings and birthday parties. You can order a picnic basket, or like us, simply have lunch at the restaurant, where you will find Croc pie and Croc springrolls on the menu!

We went on the guided crocodile pond tour and learnt so much about the African Nile Crocodile. On tour you even get to touch a baby croc. The kids did this with ease. I, on the other hand, had the hibbie jibbies and couldn't wait to hand the croc back. (There's nothing cute about a baby crocodile!)

The pond tour was highly informative. Something we learnt was that one of the differences between an alligator and a crocodile, is that the crocodile's teeth are more visible than the alligators, when his jaw is closed.

 Another nice activity offered is catch and release fishing in the dam. All in all a super outing and very reasonably priced. 

Our outing was followed by a fun activity and craft. We made some simple crocodiles with pegs. Little One painted and I glued on teeth and eyes. Next time, I'd make the teeth smaller, as they got all bent when we opened the croc's mouth. 

 For Little World Play, we recreated the croc pond tour with blue rice, our peg crocs and duplo people. 

Till next time - Happy playing.

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Unknown said...

You are an adorable/wonderful mama! If I could take my kiddos to see crocs in their natural habitats- they would flip out! Awesome! (and I love the play extension.)

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