July 7, 2014

Fun with Dinosaurs {Dinosaur Diorama}

I'm having so much fun with this theme that I'm stretching the activities into week two of our holidays. I cannot believe the first week is over... it went way too fast :(

I decided that we definitely needed to make a dinosaur diorama. I saw this really great idea over at Made by Joel (a great Dad Blogger) and knew it would be perfect for our project. 

So we got a shoebox and Big One was put in charge of colouring the scenery. He did this on paper first, which we cut to fit perfectly inside the box. Little One drew some additions to the diorama that we placed inside and around the box. This included an "active volcano" (as he put it) and some palm trees with coconuts on. My job was to stick the dinosaur stickers onto light cardstock and then cut them out. I used the paper clips to make them stand (as you can see in the picture below). This is actually a great cutting activity for the kiddos, except I can rarely get Little One to cut anything out. 

The book we used for all our stickers is called Let's Decorate Dinosaur Stickers. There are plenty of stickers in this book and I highly recommend getting it or something similar if you like this project. It's certainly easier than finding and printing pictures from the internet.

Some more dinosaur fun is still coming up. I do hope that you have enjoyed the activities we have done so far.

Just by the way... are there any themes you would love to see explored here at Love and Lollipops? I'm always open to suggestions. Drop me an email at  gsetzer(at)mweb(dot)co(dot)za or leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Till next time. 

PS. Sharing this at the wonderful Weekly Kids Co-Op.


katherine said...

what an extraordinary week of magnificent DINO fun!

Love and Lollipops said...

Thank you so much Katherine. Your comments always make me smile!

Unknown said...

We love dioramas at our house too! Yours came out so cute!!

Unknown said...

We love dioramas at our house! Yours came out so cute!

Love and Lollipops said...

Thank you Susen!

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