June 7, 2010

Farmyard Fun!

On a recent Saturday we spent the morning at Gan Eden Nursery and Farm, just outside Durbanville. My lovely friend, Grietjie (Joyful Mama), arranged the outing and it really was terrific. The rain stayed away and we got to spend the morning with cows, feeding pigs, collecting eggs from inside the chicken coop, and chatting to horses!

We also had a tractor ride around the whole farm and after, we had tea, coffee and muffins while the children played on the tractors and swings. I had so much fun showing Little One the animals...up close and personal.

Farm and Survivor parties are offered at Gan Eden and having attended both in the past, I can highly recommend them as party options. The Farm also offers class outings, camping facilities and a function venue. For more information, check out gumbootparties.


Joyfulmama said...

Oh what a fun morning that was! I can still feel that ten o clock winter sun baking on our backs as we tucked into the muffins and tea! Will definitely arrange another outing there in summer. GREAT photos!

Katherine marie said...

What wonderful fun.... Good friends and a lovely farm.... Doesn't get much better than that!!!!!

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