June 23, 2010

Love Connections (Cont.)

One of very first posts that I wrote was about love connections and I promised some more. You may recall that I spoke about life being so very busy and how important it is to find opportunities to really connect with our children in spite of the busyness. 

For me personally one of the best ways to really connect with my children, is with humour. I can get downright silly and I must say that the boys just LOVE it! Whether it's pulling funny faces; suddenly pouncing on them with tickles; or playing an exaggerated "I'm going to come and get you" game , all of these grab their attention and are received with great delight. I think it's in these kinds of moments that they think that I'm just the greatest! I love these moments too, as they often break the tension of the day that inevitably builds up as the day's busyness and tiredness set in.

In contrast to crazy silliness, quiet moments are good too. Sometimes one needs to be still and give a long, deep hug; a listening ear; or a kiss and a cuddle. These opportunities are always there. We just need to take them. 

Here are some more ways to quickly and effectively connect with your children.
  • Turn up the music and dance together!
  • Create a little ritual (like a secret handshake) and initiate it at any time.
  • When your child speaks to you, do your best to stop what you are doing, make eye-contact and acknowledge what they are saying.
  • Have a quick play-wrestle on the floor.
  • Give an extra long hug or snuggle.
  • Whisper a little love message in their ear.
  • Give a quick massage or back scratch - whatever they prefer.
None of these need take more than five minutes, but the effect on your relationship can be profound!

If you have any more quick love connection ideas, I would love to hear them. 


Kasey said...

Great ideas. I agree, it's important to take the time to write letters and do fun and crazy things with your kids.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

What a great post! I'm a big fan of jumping on the bed with my girls. :-)

Unknown said...

I agree, it's the little things that count! Being silly always helps me to connect with my children more (sadly this doesn't happen as often as it should!) Thanks for the reminder.
With my five year old daughter I have a special hand squeeze-if we're walking along holding hands I give a little squeeze at any time-I've told her this means I love You- it's so precious when she returns the squeeze! With my 3 year old son-who is not a hand holder (yet;-) I like to make a big fuss of loud kisses in his neck at bed time-his giggles make it a happy end to the day!

Lindy said...

So true!! Liam loves it when I am silly with him and yes I also need to do it more often!! As for the stop what you are doing, look in the eyes and acknowledge - Liam has to remind me of that one - he usually has to say "maaaaa, look at me"!! Thanks Georgia for the awesome posts!!

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