July 4, 2010

Fun with Felt

I have fallen for FELT! I just love this versatile material that can so easily be transformed into FUN. There are so many wonderful felt ideas on the many different blogs that I follow, so there is plenty of inspiration around. How fancy one gets, is also entirely up to your skill level and time available. Now I don't sew much, as I have previously mentioned (see here for another no-sew creation), so my felt creations will definitely be of the simple and easy kind for now.

I started with this very easy project (see top photo), inspired by this little puzzle, that for some reason just makes me happy.

Little One loves this puzzle, so I thought that he might be fascinated if I recreated it in felt. Well, he wasn't as excited as I was. Perhaps his interest in felt play is yet to come. I certainly hope so, or I'll be playing with it all by myself! (At 23 months he is probably a little young for felt play, so I'll be storing my felt projects for a later date.)

Now here is another easy felt idea. This super picture of two felt characters playing tennis was created by Big One. The set he used is from the Succezz Toy range and I really like it because of the black lines printed onto the felt pieces. This set however, can easily  be duplicated with ordinary felt. Simply cut out lots of different shapes and sizes from a variety of different felt colours and let your child's imagination take over.

If you don't have a felt board, you can make this quite easily too. To make a very simple and inexpensive board, lay a piece of felt onto a hard piece of cardboard (with enough felt to go over the edges) and glue at the back. An A3 size is a nice size. For a more long-lasting and durable board, use a piece of hardboard.

Have fun :).

PS. Sharing this at Show and Tell @ ABC and 123


Kristina said...

So cute! Love this idea and will have to make my own. My son wasn't into felt a few months ago when I tried some stuff with him... but now that he is 2-1/2, he likes it a lot better.

Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

your blog title caught my eye on a comment on the Activity Mum (bottle top one I think) and just wanted to say hello as I noted many similarities once I saw your profile/blog

I too am a 39 yo mum of two (girl 5 and boy 3) and a psychologist and Christian also - but living in Australia.

so hi and love your blog


KM said...

I'm with you.... Felt is fabulous!!!!! Your creations are darling. I think I like felt play more than my kiddos.

jeanine said...

I love felt too... these are great, easy ideas!

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