July 20, 2010

Ribbit Ribbit

At the beginning of March when I started blogging, I thought that it would be fun to have a colour theme every month to use as inspiration for art and crafts and other educational activities. I chose the colour green and had all sorts of wonderful colour-green related ideas, but for some reason, Big One and I got stuck on FROGS! We just couldn't get enough of them.

So here is some froggy fun we got up to. We read Axel Scheffler's book Freddy the Frog. Little One received this little pocket library for his first birthday, but these books are available individually and are cute and catchy rhyming stories.

We also made these frog masks. I saw this idea on the photo header of  Let's Explore. We used paper plates, green paint, green craft paper, green glitter glue, contact paper and pegs. We squished and smeared the glitter glue onto the craft paper, which we then covered with contact paper. The idea was to create a bit of a slimy effect. We then cut this up into squares and stuck it onto the painted paper plate. To finish off, we added eyes and the pegs. Big One decided to also add a nose and mouth. The nose is the inner seal of a milk bottle (how's that for recycling and being green).

We also decided to try our hands at origami frogs and got a pattern from Enchanted Learning. They unfortunately don't hop very well. They do do wonderful back flips though.

Well, March has long come and gone and we have of course got side-tracked by all sorts of other projects and the monthly colour theme never really got under way! We did manage to do a few other green activities that didn't involve our slimy friends, but more about these another time.

So on a "hoppy" note, have a great week!


Joyfulmama said...

Ooo I like those masks - how fun! Great photos, as always!

Nadia said...

Wow! I found your site from fun with mouse and i am so beyond impressed! you are so creative and i am so glad that you live in south africa (me too although i am in gauteng!)
im your newest follower and i've posted your activity in my tumblr

Katherine Marie said...

That is some serious froggy fun!!!!! I think your color theme idea would be smashingly fun... Maybe you can try it again in another couple months?! During our froggy theme week last year I wanted to serve frog legs... Think your guys would like that??

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