October 18, 2010

5 Books Feature

I don't think I have ever told anyone how much I like reading book recommendations. It's true, particularly lists of recommended children's books. Now one such place where I can read book recommendations to my heart's content is a blog called  Silly Eagle Books and I want to share a little about it with you today.

Vanessa (the author of this lovely blog) has many lists of favourite books for babies, tots and children. I really like her list of best bedtime books and of books with your little girl's name in. (I can't wait to see her list with little boys names). She also sometimes features a favourite author, like the Eric Carle post here.

Vanessa has a passion for vintage books in particular and since reading her blog, I look at older books with a new appreciation and perspective. For Little One's birthday, I purchased a number of books that I would previously not have given a second glance. Probably the best example of this, was my purchase of Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. I took a chance and even though I had not read it before, I ordered it from Loot. Even when it arrived in the post, I was puzzled as to what all the fuss could be about. Well, a few reads later and this is now the first book requested at every bedtime. Little One (and I) just love reading it. There seems to be a wonderful comfort and peacefulness in the words, rhythm and rhyme of this book. It's a great buy for a one or two year old.

Vanessa has also really inspired me in how she uses books to decorate...books as art.  She inspired this bit of "Art" in Little One's bedroom.  I bought this old, badly damaged Noddy book at a second-hand store for next-to-nothing. I then painted an old broken frame and put the Noddy book cover inside as the picture! I think the title of the book is so apt  for the life of a toddler and in my mind I often think of Little One's name in place of Noddy's :).
A little while ago, Vanessa asked me (and some other book-loving bloggers) to share a list of any five books. I was thrilled to be asked and offered a list of favourite books for babies and toddlers (more than five actually). So I hope you will pop over and see what I recommend. And while you are there, check out some of Vanessa's wonderful crafts and those book lists of course :).


Joyfulmama said...

I first fell in love with Good Night Moon when I was living in the US ten years ago. It was the favourite bed time story of a friend's daughter, and whenever I was visiting, I read it to her. I found our copy at the Cape Town International Book Fair when my daughter was still just a baby. It is a the board book version and I am grateful for that, because I doubt if another edition would have survived the *love* that book has received in our home over the past almost three years. I never get tired of reading...ahem, narrating it from memory - such a gentle way to drift off to dreamland.

silly eagle books said...

Loved having you guest post and also loved reading this post here! That Noddy book is gorgeous and looks perfect in the red frame! You know I love your blog and all your creative ideas. :) Thanks again for your post!!!

Unknown said...

Very cool Georgia! Great book recommendations and thanks for showing me another great blog to follow!

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