October 20, 2010

I dare you!

 Paint with your Tot!

 Garden with your Tot!

 Bake with your Tot! 

And, I dare you, let them do the dishes!

Isn't it awesome to think that you can do all these activities with a one and two year old! It always amazes me to think of how much they grow from one to two.

So I dare you...go on...be brave :)

(PS. Little One's age in these photos...just for my own records really...painting 23 months...baking 25 months...gardening and dishes 24 months)


Unknown said...

Love it! Your little guy is adorable.

KM said...

What a sweetie!!!! I've never seen cuter painter! I'm up for the painting challenge.:)

Johanna said...

So sweet!
I have a 14 month old and we are up for the challenge (in our own way). He been helping me mix things in the kitchen and has been playing with water at the sink (especially set up with bubbles and kitchen utensils just for him). I'm really getting into this new stage of exploring and experiencing.

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