March 12, 2011

Magazine Cover

Do you have a favourite baby or parenting magazine? Well here at home, the Your Baby  magazine has always been a huge favourite of mine.  I was buying them long before I had children and continued to buy them long after it was necessary. With it's informative and well-written articles; the beautiful photography that one finds in their pages; and, not to mention, the most gorgeous cover pictures, it is really hard to resist. I hang onto mine, and even though I do regular cupboard clean-outs (I'm quite good that way), I find it nearly impossible to throw these mags away.

So having said this, you can well imagine my great delight when I heard that Little One was going to be a cover baby (squeal!).  And to make it just a little more exciting, the shoot took place at my home and I had the real treat of having tea with the editor and her team. It was an experience! The shoot actually took place in November 2009 and Little One was the cover baby for the March 2010 edition.

So this got me thinking about how much fun it could be to make your own magazine covers and print them. I found this website, MagMyPic, where you can download a photo and create a cover in minutes. It's really very easy to use, with the only downside being that you are restricted to their templates.

You could of course also create one in a software package like Photoshop, or in my case, Picasa (I'm not yet a Photoshop girl). You could then personalise these and make the titles of the articles applicable to your little one's personality or developmental stage. If you did one a month, you would have a quick fun overview of your child's year, nicely summarized in twelve mag covers that you could frame or put in a mini photo album. These would also make fun birthday invites. This one below was created in Picasa and it shares a little of the prevalent topics in Big One's life at the moment.

Let me know if you make any :). 
Have fun!

PS.  It's Love and Lollipops' birthday today! It's been one year since my first post and it's been such an awesome ride. Thanks to you all that come and visit and leave such lovely warm fuzzies for me!


meg said...

So cute and what a fun idea with the magazine covers too.

Unknown said...

That's so cool that your little one was on the cover of one of your favourite magazines! Happy birthday to Love and Lollipops! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you this year Georgia!

Chels said...

That must have been soooo exciting to have your baby on the cover of a real mag!!
The mock magazine cover pictures are a fun idea too!

Happy Happy 1st Blog Birthday to you! ☺

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

Congrats!! Your little one is adorable!

And, I love the idea of making your own magazine covers!

Anonymous said...

No way!!!!! It hasn't been a year.... That can't be. I remember you pre blogging and that was only a day ago!! I LOVE all your magazine covers. You and the boys make for the perfect cover shot!!!!! Xoxoxxoxox km

Anonymous said...

And, YOU will be a Photoshop girl girl someday! But for now what you do with the other editing programs is remarkable! Xoxoxoxox me

Joyfulmama said...

I recently decided that the stack of old childcare magazines has to go, but we definitely did NOT get rid of our Samuel issue!! Thanks for the link to that cover website - I've always wondered how to do it. Xxx

Carina said...

Congratulations with the 1st year anniversary!

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