March 16, 2011

Speckled Hearts

These were our Valentine's gifts for the awesome grandparents we are so blessed to have in our lives.

We took an A4 sheet of red paper and Big One wrote an "I love you because..." note on it. We then wrapped this around a nice slab of chocolate and decorated with speckled hearts (I don't know what else to call these :)). 

I think everyday...any a good day for an "I love you" note...don't you?

To make our speckled paper, I gave Little One a toothbrush and some watercolour paints. He found the toothbrush spraying rather tricky, so this was a good fine motor workout for those little fingers! 

I found the origami heart pattern in an amazing book, Origami for children, by Mari Ono and Roshin Ono. I also found a similar pattern here, if you would like to make some of your own.


Sun Hats & Wellie Boots said...

These look lovely! Such a cute gift :)
Thought you might like to see the fun we had with speckled paint & a spray bottle.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful An dlovely!! I bet those sweet grandparents have many treasures the boys have made over the years! KM

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