May 10, 2011



I woke up on Sunday morning and while getting ready for church, I was thinking about whether God would be pleased with me. I was thinking, as I often do, that I am not doing enough as a follower of  Jesus. I had read the previous evening during my quiet time about how God wants us to gain followers for be a fisher of men (Matthew 4.19). Was I letting God down?

While in the car on the way to church, I was chatting to Big One and he unexpectedly said that he really hopes that we believe in the right God, because if not, we won't go to heaven. My heart skipped a beat for a do I respond? And then I simply said that I know we believe in the right God, because I have experienced first hand answered prayer and God's amazing love for me. I shared a story from my childhood (when I was about 9), where God answered a prayer of mine in a BIG way. He seemed to accept my explanation. :)

A little while later I was standing in church and it then dawned on me that I had just been given an opportunity to testify for my God. I had fished! I also realised that the doing I was concerned about earlier, happens in our homes, with our friends, in our neighbourhoods. Sometimes we think that we have to talk to strangers or go on an expedition to faraway places to be fishers of men. God reminded me that the waters are often much closer to home than that.

Just by the way, the sermon was about Martha and Mary (Luke 10.38-41) and how Mary, did not busy herself, but sat at the feet of Jesus, listening to his word. Another reminder for me that first and foremost we need to come to the feet of Jesus, before all else. Our God is amazing, isn't he!


CoastalCody said...

Thank you for sharing. Just what I needed to hear! God bless.

Km said...

Such beautiful reflections!!! I love your thoughts on this... :). Your picture capture such emotion and love! YOU are such an inspiration.

Ursula said...

Hi there Georgia, Love your blog! Will keep reading it. Cheers. Ursula

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