May 3, 2011

Love this Book : Superhero ABC

Love this Book is just that...a post about a book we LOVE, but haven't done an activity or craft linked to it.  It's a book that has been loved for whatever reason and is too good not to share :).

I first found this book at the local library and it was loved and read so much, that I bought it for Big One as a gift. He recently took it to school and according to his teacher it managed to grab the attention of most of the boys in his class! What makes it extra cool though, is that the writing is all in capital letters. Here in South Africa, our children are first exposed to lower case letters and are only introduced to upper case at a later stage. This is a great first upper case reader for a young boy (or girl). It also has very interesting words in it, so is great for vocabulary enrichment too.

All in all, I think that this is a SUPER book. It has a comic book feel to it and there are plenty of heroines to entice girl readers too. Big One is 9 and it is certainly one of his favourite reads.

Author, Bob McLeod, has a website, which has some fun activities and printables linked to the book. Be sure to check it out here! Bob also kindly provided me with the picture that you see here. My photograph was not doing the wonderful art work justice :).

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Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

HELLO!!! Thanks so much for visiting me over at Julia's Bookbag!! And what fun is this book??? I am going to have to totally check that out, I think Julia would love it!! At some point I am going to do Superhero Day and I'd love to link this post on my blog and reference back to you. So happy to meet a new friend in Blogland!! xoxo and aloha, Melissa

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