August 30, 2011

Little One

I call him my Stinky Stonky,

my Happy Chappy,

a Silly Billy! 

He's Little One and he turned three at the beginning of the month. I thought that I could not let the month pass by without acknowledging him and making special mention, because he and his big brother are my inspiration for blogging and Love and Lollipops! 

We celebrated with a fun construction themed party and I would have loved to have shared some photographs, but unfortunately don't have any - poor lighting wasn't very conducive to great pictures.

What I am sharing though, are these slightly blurry, a little hazy, "imperfect" pictures, which I think are just perfect. Little One has a great sense of fun (and mischief) and is quick to smile and be silly! I think you can tell, right?

Happy Birthday Little One...don't get Big too soon.

1 comment:

Km said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

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