August 24, 2011

Love this Book : Alison Jay's ABC

oooh it's so nice to win something, especially if it's something you would LOVE to win. A few months back Two2Read had a competition to win an alphabet book of your choice...

I entered hoping, hoping...and I won :)!

What fun it was to choose an alphabet book of my choice! I had quite a few on my wishlist already, but winning this gave me a great excuse to go and check out some more and read as many reviews as possible. (Yip, I love reading book reviews). I eventually chose Alison Jay's ABC and must say that I am thrilled with it. This is a delightful book.

The art work is beautiful and the simplicity at first glance, deceiving. Look a little closer and you will see a wonderful story unfold, as each page connects to the others. Little surprises along the way truly bring smiles! I really loved exploring this book and sharing it with my kiddos. (To add to the fun, we read it with a magnifying glass.)

I have now also added Alison Jay's Counting book to that growing wishlist.

Thank you Alida for this lovely prize and for sending it all the way over the seas to South Africa. And here's some great news...Two2Read is having another great competition this month and you can win a Mem Fox book of your choice! Click here to enter.

Good luck and till next time...Happy reading!

(PS. I would love to know what your favourite ABC books are...please share in the comments.)


Joyfulmama said...

LOVE Allison Jay! When I was still doing murals for children's rooms for a living, I did a scenic one that went right around a little boy's room, using images from Allison Jay books - it was magical!

Our favourite ABC book is On Market Street by Arnold and Anita Lobel. I bought it long before my children were born and although I loved it, I never thought the pictures would appeal to toddlers. Yet, it is one of the best-loved books in our house and has been since my eldest was about 15 months old.

A current favourite is The Construction Alphabet, which we ordered after reading about it here on your blog!

Christina said...

"Shiver Me Letters A Pirate ABC" was a big hit here.

And I love all things Alison Jay!

Km said...

Looks like a sweet little abc book!!!! How fun to win something!!!!!

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