October 15, 2011

West Coast National Park

It's become somewhat of an annual ritual for us and family friends to set out for the hour's drive to the West Coast National Park this time of year.

  The park offers beaches with crazy-crazy waves crashing against the rocks, a breathtaking lagoon, beautiful flora (particularly during August and September), fauna (including game), bird and whale watching, and to top it all...a shipwreck! We are also always "lucky" enough to see snakes when we go. Last year we saw some pufadders up close and personal, baking in the heat on the road, and this year a cobra crossed our paths...or at least our motor vehicle's path (thank goodness!).

If you are a Cape Townian, this is definitely a day out to put on your calender. To see what's on offer visit the South African National Parks website, and for some more info and pictures, including the shipwreck of the "Pantalis a Lemos", you can pop in  here and here. Going to see the wreck is definitely on my to do list when the children are older.

On our way home we were also treated to six giraffe roaming around on one of the game farms we passed. It can be a treat to live in Africa! :)

PS. I have some more Doctor Doctor fun coming up this week...stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Hi Georgia I am a fellow Capetonian following from Pinterest! Great blog - we seem to share a passion for the creative! I love the "Doctor Doctor" post very clever - I would love you to pop over to my blog & say hi. I will be back to read more! Thanks Fiona :)

Km said...

How glorious!!!!!!!! Your pictures capture God's beautiful gifts so wonderfully! I wanna go! Can't wait for more doc stuff.:) :)

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