January 13, 2012

Happy 2012 and {Back to School}

Happy New Year! Is it really the 13th and a Friday too? :) I hope that it will be a wonderful year for you and I also want to thank you for reading and sharing my gettings-up-to (yeah, just made that one up) here at Love and Lollipops.

For many South African children it has been Back to School week and the shops have been busy with frantic mommy's buying new uniforms, books, and stationery supplies. I, on the other hand, have been surfing the net for some great back to school ideas and thought I would share these links with you. No pictures of the links - I try to keep all photography here my own :), but I promise that you won't be disappointed.

  • For the cutest book plates and labels to print out, be sure to visit we love to illustrate for children. This is the most talented and generous group of illustrators, always sharing wonderful freebies.
  • I love this little poster that I found at eighteen25. I think that this makes the perfect gift for an older child's teacher, as it's not cute or babyish in any way. I decided to print out one for Big One's room - he needs reminding of these great points too :).
  • Wouldn't it be sweet to have a little back to school party for the kids, like the one shared at Dukes and Duchesses, perhaps the day before school? Or maybe a special breakfast on the first day of school with some back to school decorations of sorts.
  • Speaking of party decorations, these party printables at Bird's Party, are probably one of the main reasons why I had to have a scalloped circle punch. Do go and check out her photographs too, to see what I mean.

  • Do you ever put in a note into your kiddo's lunchbox?  Remember these love notes of mine? I found some great lunchbox notes at Rook No.17 and Big One is definitely going to get some of these this year - if Dad had a lunch box, I would probably pop them in there too :). I also found these sweet school jokes from chickabug.
  • I LOVE all things alphabet, so for the coolest ever alphabet colouring pages (uppercase letters), go and visit Goodnight Stories. To create some alphabet flashcards, look no further than these from homemade by Jill and for all the teachers reading this, there are some really nice alphabet posters at Early Learning HQ. Each mini poster has the upper and lower case letter and four images for the letter - great for the classroom. So are their editable interactive alphabet cards.
  • Those that know me well, won't believe me when I say this, but getting that perfect shot of the children on their first day back at school is not something I have had any success at. I should have read these fantastic photo tips by Rebecca (simple as that). There is even a back to school photo checklist for some extra inspiration (and reminding - I need that!).
  • And just because I think that this is absolutely beautiful(!!!), I had to share this amazing Schools in Session photoshoot from CRAVE photography. It's the perfect ending to this (looong) post.
Till next time...be good.

PS. The images are from Dean's Tell-The-Time Pop-Up Book. A copy given to my husband in 1974.(I couldn't find a link to purchase this book anywhere on the net, so I think it may now be a collectible.)

PPS. One last thing, if you are looking for any more ideas, I have recently created a Back to School Pinboard on Pinterest to save all my favourite finds. 

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km said...

ohhhh my golly! So much LOVELY and INSPIRATIONAL back to school stuff. It's just so hard to imagine you guys are just going back... I'm going to save all your links for our back to school time in September!! thank you for taking the time to post such a thoughtful and fun post! xoxoxoxo

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