January 24, 2012

Heart Pencil Toppers and Finger Puppets

Valentine's day is no biggie in our home. But,  I do love hearts and I do love red and I also love I-love-you ideas, so this day always get's my attention.

I was thinking of a simple craft for kids to do...a little gift to give a teacher, or friend...something sweet. Isn't Valentine's day just a perfect reason to tell someone you like them, or love them. I think so. Pencil toppers came to mind, inspired by some heart finger puppets I saw many years ago (in the nineties!) in an American Parent's magazine


To make pencil toppers, cut out two identical felt hearts. I drew the heart onto a piece of felt and then folded it double, so that I could cut out two hearts simultaneously. Draw a line to indicate where you need to put your glue (see top photo), leaving a gap for the pencil. Glue the two pieces together and wait for it to dry. If you want the heart to stick to the pencil (and not slip off), put some glue on end of the pencil, before you pop the heart on.

Or you could make a heart finger puppet family...

Easy craft and a sweet gift.

Till next time.

PS. Shared this at Show and Tell @ ABC and 123


Jill@babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, Oh My! said...

i love this! I love that Valentines isn't a big deal but yet you have fun with it! Its not a big deal around here either so it just comes and goes, maybe I need to make an effort to have some fun!!

km said...

What sweet HEARTS!!! I think the pencil toppers would make fantastic little gifts for classmates! and of course we can never have enough finger puppets!!!

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