August 8, 2012

lego head cup cake toppers

Inspired by lots of lego party ideas on Pinterest, I decided to make lego head cupcake toppers for Little One's birthday ring at school. 

I kept this very simple, as I had to make sixteen of these. I used a square punch to cut the squares quickly and a special little punch that rounds the corners. I added a long toothpick (not the usual short type) with sticky tape to each one.

I love how a simple decoration takes an ordinary cupcake and turns it into something quite special :).

PS. Yes, we have had a birthday! I'll be sharing our at home celebration with you in the next post. 


Km said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!!! Bet all his friends gobbled them up with huge smiles!

Joyfulmama said...

So cute!! Well done!!

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