August 6, 2012

Play Dough Cookies (made with bottle tops)

You do know how I love bottle tops... :)

When we went away for a few days in the holidays, I knew it being Winter, that  we would possibly be spending a fair amount of time indoors. I packed the play dough (as I usually do), as I knew that this could entertain both kiddos if need be. I also packed an ocean themed bottle top memory match game I had made awhile back. 

Little One and I got stuck into the play dough one afternoon and I realized that we could stamp some sea creatures with our bottle tops. As we got stamping, the idea of cookies evolved. Make a small round ball (quite tricky for Little One to do and good for those hands) and then stamp it. Voila! A plate of sea creature cookies. They are pretty don't you think?

PS. Link to the bottle top memory match here and to the play dough recipe here.


Km said...

Oh yes they are very very pretty indeed! They look yummy enough to gobble up!! I bet the cookie factory worker in action was even more adorable than his final product!!!

Unknown said...

I've been collecting Bottle Tops (ever since I've seen all you great ideas, as I've told you before) and have had a memory game brewing for sometime... of course you've already created one! HA! I love it. And I love that you combined your game with playdough here... the cookies are so sweet. (btw the pictures from your nature color match post are stunning, what a fantastic idea!)

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