September 8, 2012

Pom Pom Snowmen

So easy to make, these sweet little snowmen would be cute in a Winter sensory box. 
To make:
two pom poms (different sizes)
a nice fluffy pipe cleaner for the scarf (bent to make the scarf shape)
two small black beads for the eyes
a piece of orange felt for the nose
a coloured stick/toothpick for the arms  (cut in half and pushed in the sides)

No explanation required I think. Glue these together...just like in the picture.  

Till next time :)

PS. For more snowman fun, see our sock snowmen, and our bottle top snowmen (actually people).

1 comment:

km said...

okay--- you are making me waaaay too excited for fall and winter. we will probably get our first snow in less than two months here! This is such a SWEET little craft. I'd love to see a round up of all your snowy crafts together in one place--- you've got sooo many awesome ideas. happy end of winter for you! :):)

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