March 21, 2013

Dragonfly craft

Many, many of you who read or pop in here at Love and Lollipops, live way across the world in the Northern Hemisphere and for you today, I bring a "Happy Spring Time" craft.

Using three ice cream tub sticks (bought these at a craft shop),a popsicle stick, googly eyes and glue, I made these dragonflies. I do hope the picture "explains" it all.

I really love the natural wooden look of these and would have left them be, but Little One wanted to paint them and he really wanted to put glitter onto them. That was definitely his favourite part of the project.

Wouldn't these be fun to add to a nature sensory box?

And me - I'm over-the-moon happy that it's Autumn over here - my favourite season for sure :) 

Till next time. 

PS. Shared at sugar and dots and polkadots on parade


Unknown said...

Those are adorable! I'm going to certainly put these on our 'to make' list. I think all of my kids would love them. I'm with you Autumn is best... but I am absolutely thrilled with the arrival of spring! It was an extraordinarily long winter here this year.

km said...

ohhhhhh I just love these sparky and dazzling little creatures!!! really really cute! So happy it is nearly full blown AUTUMN for you. I have officially decided that Autumn is my favorite season too. I'm already looking forward to it immensly... :):)

Unknown said...

These turned out so fun! I agree they look fantastic just as wood, but all that glitter is definitely awesome! I can't wit to try this out with my kids.

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