March 28, 2013

Easter {Egg} Boxes

I have been so quiet this year on this blog, but this week I'm making a nuisance of myself. Hope that's okay. :)

Inspired by a lovely Easter gift at Sugar Lander, I used egg cartons to put together some Easter gift boxes. I love the simplicity of this egg carton (I like the pretty hen design), but I think adding the Humpty Dumpty finger puppets made it more fun.

I wanted to make a few extra gift boxes to give to some strangers, but we didn't make enough Humptys, so I needed a sweet and simple alternative. These lovely free bunny and chick templates from willowday were perfect and I decorated a few more boxes. Some ribbon may have been a nice touch, but I didn't have any extra and I think a good motto is to do the best you can with what you have! 

If I don't post again this weekend, I wish you a very blessed and special Easter time with your family.  

PS. Sharing at Shine on Friday.


Unknown said...

This is the perfect Easter gift box idea! Just wonderful... and I thought all your Humpty idea's were great too!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend Georgia :)

katherine marie said...

These are extraordinarily darling! I'd like to make one for ALL my friends and family! LOVE your creativity and generosity!!!

Marcia Francois said...

I love, love, LOVE this packaging idea. So clever and thrifty :)

PS I've been using the same pink and blue plastic baskets every single year - the baskets "disappear" after a few days and reappear the following year :)

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