September 2, 2010

Be Inspired - Be Creative!

Inspiration is everywhere! You just have to be tuned in. It may be in a shop window, a book cover, a magazine picture, a piece of fabric, a bouquet of flowers... colour, pattern, design, texture... it's all around us. It's a matter of being on the look-out and seeing something as a creative possibility.

I haven't always looked at the world through creative eyes, but now find myself to be in this "creative space". I Iook at ALL everyday items as a possible craft project! Boxes become buildings, paper becomes a backdrop, socks become puppets. I look at colours and patterns everywhere, from nature, to packaging when I go shopping. If anything appeals to me, I try to visually capture it to memory, or I take a photograph. I have flip files of magazine pictures, swatches of paper, greeting cards, anything that's grabbed my attention. I really enjoy the process of looking for creative ideas and inspiration and so decided to write this to encourage you to look around your world in the same way.

Now this little project that I'm going to share with you was inspired by Woolworths marshmallows.  During the Soccer World Cup the marshmallow packaging were these wild african animals, which I rather liked.

One afternoon, I had two of my favourite (little) girls over for a date and I suggested to them (and Big One) that we create some masks, using these as our inspiration. I gave them paper plates and paint. I couldn't help myself, so I joined in too :). What I love is how different everyone's take on the task was. I copied the pictures exactly and used more than one plate per mask. The children, on the other hand, were far more creative with their art, but all chose to keep the paper plates round. It was a fun easy project and after we got to munch our way through some very yummy marshmallows! 

So go on, have a look around and be inspired... I'd love to hear what you get up to.


Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

Thanks Georgia, it is such a great book isnt it.

And love your paper plates and post on finding inspiration. I like the suggestion to photograph ideas as I see stuff then promptly forget. Need a "rainy day" folder on the computer I think. And will be adding some ideas off your blog for sure.

Re the drawing on calico. Originally bought some fabric textas/pens off but only 4 colors (around $12 I think - will track down the etsy store and get back to you). So Ella was disappointed she didnt have the full range and they were quite dull colors eg the dark blue quite muddy and close to black (we used these for the Fox and the Child ones you may have seen a while bak on my blog). Then I came across a much better packet of 8 fabric pens(black, purple, dark blue, red, green, orange, yellow, brown) at a toy/game shop we have here in Australia called Amaze'n (dont know if there are any where you are) The brand was 'TShirt Graffiti' and they are permanent fabric markers. I think these were $18 from memory for the set of $8. Not the full range of colors (for example Ella wanted light pink and dark pink and peach etc - spoilt by a big range of coloured pencils and crayons) but certainly a lot more fun than just 4 and lot brighter colors.

Maybe google them to see if can get online?

You can set them with heat (eg a quick iron) but they look/draw like a normal texta just wont wash out of fabric.

Good luck tracking them down - and if no luck please feel free to contact me and I can try and get them here if any left in the store and happy to post to you as I know you will enjoy.

We have since made little rectangular pillows for her reading cubby and lots of other ideas too. Just with I had thought to scan her Gruffalo drawings before sewing them up as they were so lovely would love to have an image of them to play around with.

Just read on another blog (hmmm which one) about Julia donaldsons new book Cave Baby - some lovely craft ideas around cave paintings - another rainy day project. So many projects so little time.

Unknown said...

I love all the great crafts you have on your blog. I can't wait to read more from you! I found your blog through totally tots, cute tots feature. I'm your newest follower.


Joyfulmama said...

I love how you encouraged the children to find inspiraion in the everyday things around them! There is such a lot of 'art' and beautiful design to be found on 'everyday' items, isn't there! I think it would add a nice dimension to chat with them about the fact that the images we see on packaging are created by an artist, and to talk about the possibilities of making art a career.

I remember you telling about your eldest reaction when he discovered the idea of children books illustrators, and the fun you had looking at the characteristics of Eric Carle's artwork. Maybe he'll enjoy looking at books about graphic and industrial design, too. This could even open the door to some paper sculpture activities!

Great post!

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