September 30, 2010

Colour Fun #8 - I like Stars

I like Stars is the sweetest little book written by Margaret Wise Brown and even though it's not a book about colours per se, it mentions different colour stars in the first few pages...

" I like stars. Yellow stars. Green stars. Red stars..."

We (Little One and I) really like this book. I have been asked to read it over and over, all in one sitting :). It also inspired this lovely art and I thought this would be an easy project to repeat, whether you have this book or not. I found a photo of Little One, where I could cut out his whole body and glued it onto a big black page. I punched out stars in different colours and explained to him that we would stick the stars onto the page (in the night sky). He wanted to hold the glue stick (and do the gluing), which wasn't ideal, so I made little glue circles on the page and then encouraged him to stick the stars to the glue spots by punching them with the side of his fist. This worked nicely!

I wasn't crazy about the end product, so  I decided to paint a different background and we re-did the stars...I think our second project came out better. (top picture)

This art project has so many possibilities. A colourful starry night (like ours); a flower garden; a garden filled with butterflies; an ocean scene with lots of different fish; birds sitting in a tree; washing hanging on a line...these are just a few ideas. Remember to add a photograph of your little one to the picture for great effect and to make it special! Remember too, that this is about colour, so name them while you do your art. If I have inspired you, please come back and let me know what colourful photo art you got up to.
I have two more "Colour Fun" posts coming up and some more fun books to share with you. Till next time:)

PS. I am linking this to Kids Get Crafty


km said...

FANTASTIC!!! so creative! :)

RedTedArt said...

Oh how pretty! I love the final outcome it looks so professional!! You should frame it and keep it!!!

Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty! Fab to have you on board!!!


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