June 15, 2011


In April I promised some Autism-related articles and information. My apologies for not posting any as yet. For my South African readers, I wanted to make sure that you know about the Autism is Treatable conference taking place in Somerset West, Cape Town, in July this year. Early Bird Registration ends 17 June. I can highly recommend attending this conference as I have had the pleasure of personally hearing many of the speakers and all are highly knowledgeable in the Autism field.

I also wanted to share some great Autism links with you:

I realize that there are many more helpful links out there. If you have discovered a particularly helpful website, please share it in the comments below. 


Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

Thankyou. My beautiful boy (4) has ASD so appreciate any opportunity to increase awareness x

Km said...

Sounds like that will be a fascinating and insightful time!

Anonymous said...

Just sending some love from MomtoMom.
Love the blog. Beautiful. The Autism information is a good idea. Will be reading it.


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