June 14, 2011

Let's Build it! {Tool Time Fun}

When I read this post over at TinkerLAB (a blog written by a Momma called Rachelle), I got very excited, because I knew it would be a great hit with Little One. I had some polystyrene saved and went off to purchase golf tees. I then offered it (with the box of play tools) to both boys. They had a ball...for about 45 minutes! Not many new toys get that much attention. 

It was fun to see what they did. My older son hammered just about every golf tee into the polystyrene block, whereas my little one was more interested in pushing the tees in with his fingers and also sawing the polystyrene with his hand saw. 

Little One has enjoyed playing with this a few more times. Once I notice boredom with an activity setting in, I usually pack it away for awhile and then reintroduce again later. If you don't have polystyrene available, you could let the kiddos hammer the tees into firm soil in the garden (like Rachelle did), or the side of a cardboard box would also work nicely.

Be sure to check out TinkerLAB for many more wonderful activities.


D+B said...

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Joyfulmama said...

Hi Georgia! Looks like the boys had a ton of fun! We do the same here whenever we find some polystyrene pieces that were used to package things, but since we don't have golf tees, we just use coloured pencils - it works great, too. LOVE those plastic tools - I seriously need some more boy toys in this household!! Xxx

rachelle | tinkerlab said...

Hi Georgia! 45 minutes - wow! It's also wonderful when BOTH kids can enjoy the same activity as yours did. Thanks for linking over to TinkerLab and sharing this with me. You made my day!

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