June 21, 2011

Little Mr Brave

I keep promising myself that I'll take part in more iheartfaces photo challenges, so when I saw the theme this week (Let's hear it for the Boys), I decided it's as good a time as any.  And I also thought that this little guy really deserves a special mention right now. 

In the past two weeks, we very unexpectedly spent six days in hospital. Little One woke up one morning with a sore leg and I'll spare you a rather long story, but he ended up being hospitalized and having surgery on his hip. The diagnosis...Septic Arthritis. I had never heard of it before.

He really was such a brave little boy, especially having to endure lots of needles. I truly can give testimony that God carried us as a family every day and I am so grateful for all the wonderful support we received. Thank you to all our Angels and Prayer Warriors! 

After surgery we were told that he cannot bear weight on his leg for two to three weeks. It's been challenging keeping him "seated", but again, he really has been a star! I taught him how to do a bum shuffle. It's very cute to see him come up the passage, saying "bum shuffle, bum shuffle"...just love him to bits!

iheartfaces is a fantastic website.
If you are a keen photographer, you will love what they have to offer.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trooper!! It's amazing how little ones can adapt. My 2 yr old fractured his elbow, so was in a cast for 4 wks. He never let us feed him, learning to do it himself with his left arm.

Cute pic!!!

meg said...

That's a beautiful photo of your sweet boy. I've been doing the 30day photo challenge and it is challenging!! Perhaps a weekly one would be good for me too. Glad he's recovering well, how horrible.

km said...

He is an INSPIRATION!!! and I can't get over the cutest grin in the universe!!!! I just want to squeeze his sweet cheeks. :)

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