December 20, 2011

Christmas Memory Match {from simple as that}

Remember a few posts ago, I wrote about some great Christmas links, including a memory match game from simple as that , that you can download for FREEE. Well I did, and I created this version using bottle tops (of course!).

I quickly realize that I'm not a pro-crafter when I tackle projects like this and make such silly mistakes. Like printing the pictures on a basic inkjet printer and them painting modge podge over it. It (obviously) caused the ink to smudge and the paper to bubble. I almost thought I would have to throw it all away and start again, but somehow I managed to remove the paper from the bottle tops and re-apply. I decided to live with the bit of smudging - it's not too noticeable.

Just a tip - I would not have tackled this project without my circle punch. I like my circles to be perfect :).

Big One and I have played a few times already (when Little One is occupied). I will be packing this up with the Christmas goodies to be enjoyed in years to come. Thanks Rebecca for sharing such super stuff :).

PS. Need a punch? Locally, PNA stores have a great variety. Otherwise, there's always Amazon.

Till next time. 


km said...

heheheheh... I like my circles to be perfect too. :) :) I bet that doesn't surprise you! We don't have a very good printer, but if I had one I would make these. REALLY neat idea!

hennymats said...

Haha, you're right, I'm happy to know that I'm not the only non pro-crafter here! Well, at least we do our best, and even if doesn't work out the first time or might not be Martha-Stewart-perfect - I think it's pretty good :)

Love your idea with the bottle caps!

Cheers & Merry Christmas,

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