December 12, 2011

Christmas Shoot

I always try to do a Christmassy shoot of sorts with my boys and my goal this year was to take some happy, peaceful Christmas pics of them both.

Would you ever guess that behind the scenes there was some throwing up and a little bit of blood? Seriously.

Little One managed to gag on a piece of fluff from the Santa hat pom pom - the throwing up part. And, Big one scratched open an old sore (after being pushed off the bed by his little brother!) - the bloody part.

aah yes...the joys of photographing two energetic boys on a bed...with white linen!

Nevertheless...I got these :).

Do you take some special Christmassy photos? Do share. 
Till next time.

1 comment:

km said...

oh my your behind the scenes made me chuckle... only because I CAN RELATE 100%!!! I'm glad they survived their PHOTOSHOOT with grins and giggles and happy faces intact. :) I'd just like to squeeze them up and shout MERRY CHRISTMAS KIDDOS!!!!

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