December 9, 2011

Teacher Gift {Little Yellow Bus}

School's Out! 
We have six wonderful weeks of Summer holidays ahead of us!

The rest of this month's posts are sure to be dedicated to Christmas, so I thought I must slip this one in quickly, before it's forgotten.

Little One started play school in July this year and he has been blessed with two amazing teachers. For end of year gifts, I bought some big Cadbury slabs and wrapped and decorated them to create these American style yellow school buses. Cute hey?

Inspiration from here (Katherine Marie).

Christmas Crafts coming up...stay posted :). 

PS. Shared at:
For the Kids Friday @ Sun Scholars
Show and Tell @ ABC and 123 


Km said...

Oh my word... Those are just out of this world adorable!!!! I love your version... I want to do something that cute next year! It is crazy to think school is out for you guys. Xoxoxo

Joyfulmama said...

Oh what lucky teachers to receive such a fun little gift!! Very cute, my friend!!

Joyfulmama said...

What lucky teachers to have received such a fun little gift! Very cute, my friend!!

Unknown said...

These are so darling! I am definitely going to have to copy cat this idea! :) Thanks for sharing.

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